Soulhammer Comics exists for one reason…to bring to the comic book world something it’s never had, ICONIC BLACK SUPERHEROES!!! Titles like LUCIUS HAMMER and THE HARLEM SHADOW are just the beginning of this vast universe of incredibly diverse characters and stories that SOULHAMMER promises to deliver to you!!!



What’s good all you faithful Hammerheads and Harlemites!!? And welcome to all the new fans and visitors who want to know more about the HAMMERVERSE!!! We are currently in the “building stages” of a mighty website that you can come to on the daily for your “BLACK SUPERHERO FIX”. That’s right…moving forward this will be a major “hub” or dispensary for “ICONIC BLACK SUPERHERO ACTION”.

Because of the recent shakeup at COMIXOLOGY, our books will no longer be available through that venue as we are waiting with baited breath like everyone else to see if that platform can land on its feet and make a comeback…BUT in the meantime, just to show you that we are all about giving the people (that’s you) the greatest superhero stories ever told by any means possible…we have opted to make the first dazzling issues of LUCIUS HAMMER and THE HARLEM SHADOW available and free to read here at SOULHAMMERCOMICS.COM. But to really bring the action home and share with other people…you can also cop these physical books at WWW.COMICFLEAMARKET.COM.
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SOULHAMMER COMICS ( formerly Ravenhammer comics ) exists for one reason…to create ICONIC BLACK SUPERHEROES!!! This website will be the headquarters for all things concerning the creation, the illustration and the writing behind the heroes of  THE HAMMERVERSE. Classic story arcs, epic lore and top notch artwork is what we promise here at SOULHAMMER. Will all the characters be black? No. This a truly diverse universe of superheroes from all different walks of life but with a focus on the characters of color.